The guy who made that has some serious talent. Have a goo at his other videos. The stuff he makes as a piss-take is actually lightyears better than the cringe-inducing c/rap that usually comes from these shores(see Nialler9). Much like a more acerbic Flight of the Conchords now that I think of it.

It's one thing to stand on a stage, acoustic in hand, and strum along to a repetitive pedestrian arrangement of G, D and A, turning it into something mildly humourous. It's the easy-laugh route. Nothing wrong with that, it can be made to work, it's just not on the level!

It really is another to really put all of yourself out there to be judged and produce synth-laden, musically aware, creative masterpieces with genius lyrics and a hilarious video which probably involves you directing and acting. Ye can't really just shrug it off as an-off-the-cuff improv. It lives or dies on your ability and efforts, as Tom O C found out. As Julian Casablancas finds out in this appalling interview, maybe it would be better to have joined Travis and be an inoffensive non-entity than bother having ambition and vision. It doesn't win you friends, it's a highrisk game and people like dryadssaddle above should be actively encouraged to showcase their talents and not fear the Tim Jonze's of this world who will discredit you based on your suitablility to be interesting article fodder.

On the subject, I heard Eoghan Kidney won best video for his FLApes video last night. I'm going to assume it's the Tie Me Up With Jackets clip. Well deserved. A genuinely unique and revolutionary landmark in Irish video production.

Kate "Katefaced-Killah" Conaty you are a lurk.

Les Animaux Sauvages



Allez Les Verts!

IT would seem that this second Youtuesday actually falls on a Saturday. 3 weeks late. Odd that. Who are we to argue with druids and their predicitions? We must consult the magic Hang drums...

> Brushed up the Myspace so it's quite presentable now. Add me if you're passing by.

> The biggest revelation after hang drums is probably that I have discovered the awesomeness of mashups.

> They're just really, really, really good.

> And then there's the deceptive ones that draw you in. For 40 seconds this is the greatest song ever.

> Putting Lil John up against a rock song really makes him sound like Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Even still, it doesn't ravage what is one of my favourite songs ever. What I Like About... Crunk!

> How ironic that The Hives are a generic mashup-band as well as a generic band... in general. Throw in the obligatory Beastie Boys sample and you got a mash. Rage versus Blondie works out alright on that same bland level.

> Then there are those you are ashamed to like but can't help it for their sheer innovation. This is just put together really well. As is this unlikely match.

> None compare to this though. Play this through a good set of speakers. When you peel back that pop music, Alyssa Milano is one durrty bitch.

> Hip-hop has a credible future - with Freddie Gibbs.

> New Fang sounds pretty damn fucking good. Looking foward to the album, which is streaming online now in advance of the release. I haven't listened to it yet but I'm afraid it could be the point where Josh Homme reaches oversaturation with too little variation. He has been rocking the same desert-rock since Kyuss, after all. Or, it could be the point where he ascends to the rock'n'roll pantheon of the gods.

> Robber Dub from the Mikey Dread.

> Irish lads Alphamono continue to show Irish music kicks arse. As do C!ties who kicked up a fuss with their performance at HWCH last month.

> Watched Adventureland. Was pretty average. They angle it as a faux-indie-movie like Nick'n'Nora, Juno by simply adding a hipster(terrible phrase) soundtrack. The music plays zero part in the film. It's simply a trap, hoping a 'cool' factor will make up for it's many shortcomings. There is no reason for it to be placed in the 80s either other than the fetish around the decade! A decent excuse to listen to The Replacements though.

> Have an interview with John Vanderslice that's due to be published soon-ish. He sing good. Also served a timely reminder to work on my respective Magnetic Fields/St. Vincent collections with this wan.

> I have heard the phrase "thin wild mercury sound" a thousand times and never understood the reference. When Nodzzz mentioned it in the interview I said fuck it and just looked it up. To my eternal Bob-worshiping-shame, it's a Dylan reference to the type of sound he always strived for, and apparently achieved on just one set of demos. I had to get them.

> No Age's new one's more polished ambient shoegaze than abrasive garage no wave punk. Can't beat the classics that make them what they are.

> de la Soul remain unshiftable from iTunes. And rightly so.

> Karen O & The Kids do the soundtrack for Spike Jonze's new monster-muppet-ish kids flick Where The Wild Things Are.

> tUnE-yArDs supported Dirty Projectors here recently. Easy to hear why, right?

> Unsuspectingly clicked on a twitter link and found this. It straddles the line between funny and just plain... wrong.

> Aesop Rock features again. How he never made a bigger name for himself/any name for himself over here is beyond me. Might as well throw the other white rapper in here. Interesting and potentialsome project. I don't know much more about him but I'm gonna dig it up.

> Busy being old and self-parodying for money, it's easy to forget that Alice Cooper once used to rock it oldskool. Or so the historians would have us believe.

> Speaking of rockin' it; A Grave with No Name. Here's why. And Dublin-bound Kurt Vile(actual name). And forget not The Bitters. Lo-fi's all the rage in some circles in America at the minute. Some of the stuff propogated in some of those circles is mostly worthy. Sometimes.

> In honour of the amazing gig last night; Heathers, Le Galaxie and Super Extra Bonus Party. Unfortunately missed Bats and Band on an Island, but they were, by all accounts, rockin' too. Really gave ye the impression that had any of these been native to a bigger city they'd be huge.


Not in My Naaame!

Jim Carroll's beyond excellent On The Record blog has given Shane "B.S." Fitzgerald's article airtime. Yeah, after reading that you might cop what B.S. stands for. (It's bullshit).

And with that, I couldn't stop myself giving my raging off-the-cuff two-cents (i.e. rant) in the comments section; see number 45. I have a right to be bitter, he's sullying my name! That's my job!

I genuinely fear they're grooming him to have some sort of role in the IT (-which I have really grown to like), over the coming years. Which kinda means I'll have to alter my name or get a brand new one. This isn't the first run in and I would expect it won't be the last. Well, truth be told the first run-in was actually when he took my seat at an exam. I was pretty screwed for that one so I figured it was win-win.

Onwards and upwards I say so I am now taking suggestions for a new name. The first of which being Shane X. Fitzgerald.

You could say it makes me look like an intellectual, an X-Man or my that my middle name is Xavier. Or my middle name could simply be pronounced; "ten"? It could be construed that I'm a head of the Black Panthers. Each as likely as the last, of course...

I already have a few aliases* that aren't really conventional, and I think I might prefer that sense of "alternative". Ye know, death to the old-world, bring on year zero and an end to the code of manners! FREAK OUT SUM SQUAREZZ!!1

"*See: rdlp715, Shay Guevara, RUN-DLP, Shnae Bojangles, A Pirate of Celbridge, The Bojangled One ad infinitum."

We'll wait and see by what way of progress in names Nialler9 can force on the mainstream media. God speed Mr. Byrne. I can't spot it just now, but I'm certain that his Day and Night section in the Indo is under his Nialler9 moniker.

However, it is not a good sign that, just today, his fellow new-media pioneer Unarocks finally consigned that alter-ego and portion of her life to the past when she switched her twitter moniker to her birth-given Una Mullally.

Anywho, y'all have until the 19th of the month to pick a good 'un and I'll use it in the next publication and bundle all my aliases over to that.

It's time to consolidate and mark my territory. Talking bullshit like this obviously won't be enough to distinguish me from namesakes.


And Now For Something Completely Familiar

Figure we could do with lightening the tone here a bit. For ol' time's sake?

Once a week I'll throw up what I've favourited on Youtube et al in the preceding 7 days.

> More of the genius that is Rich Hall... aka Otis Lee Crenshaw.

> Some pikeys in England pick the wrong cross-dressing cage-fighters to irritate.

> In the epic week/end that was HWCH, I found myself pretty chuffed with stumbling upon Mark O'Sullivan's Goatboy.

> Edan - Promised Land. From the Beauty & the Beat Album. Excellent.

> The only fat, bald lead-guitarist punk? Eitherway, John Perry has impeccable taste. Even if I'll never forgive him for canceling his Dublin gig last year with The Only Ones. Didn't notice Yo la Tengo covered that.

> That new Ian Brown one where he rips into Squire. 'Tis a bit lightweight and middle of the road for King Monkey but tis gewd.

> Edan's fellow Def Jux-er, Aesop Rock.

> Sometimes covers are better than the original. Case in point.

> Despot - Look Alive. You might notice this was on the latest Nialler9 podcast. I'd like to thank him for bringing this musical blessing to my scattered attention.

> This Dylan cover by Richard Hell & the Voidoids. Looked into him again after seeing the excellent Smithereens, never even crossed my mind to check if they did anything after Blank Generation. Zut!

> Did a bit of Air reminiscing/preparing myself to give their latest offering a go.

> Strange that Jack White should randomly show up, as rare a sight that he is on these shores, when I'd been listening to two of the better Raconteur choons.

> To my eternal shame, DOA. It's the jazz flute and slick guitar lick that get me!

> This has come up a lot in the recent flurry of "Best of" lists so it's gotten a few spins.

> Saw that 500 Days of Summer. What a let down that was. Atleast it was an excuse to listen to this and that.

> In memory of Mika Miko, one of their zaniest ones that might be inspired by the drunk lass with the munchies in Nick & Norah's infinite playlist.

> Also Girls, Nodzzz and The Drums.


Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery

Non-politicos, apathetics -you may zone out here. Mouth-breath to this or this or this or this or... this.

I am not a eurosceptic. I love the idea of the EU. The idealist in me doesn't like its form. An imperfect union. I voted No twice because I'm not willing to accept an awful treaty and my EU being born out of lies and deception. Or being powerless to stop Blair becoming President, the first no less. (Mary would be excellent). However, I follow it intently hoping every day Brussel's legislators will provide us with what our own clowns were too inept or corrupt to give us.

Does "euronationalism" actually exist though? I've always seen nationalism as a seductive drug that provides romantic yet shallow answers and ultimately makes everything worse. 'Tis the ultimate source of irrationality and non-reason. Teenagers usually pick up on it. Idiots never drop it. It thoroughly regresses humanity and is a backward step in evolution/progress.

Lately though, in all my self-righteous efforts to "rise above" domestic nationalism and utter contempt for the Yes side, I have come to think that I absent-mindedly transfered that seemingly inherent and primal urge for romantic nationalism to the next step up. Namely, the wider clan that is Europe. Or maybe it's the desire to construct a more outrospective demos in the global world. I could argue against myself all day.

Does Euronationalism exist? If not, why are we not clambering for some sort of meaningful union with similar advanced liberal democracies like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA etc? And any other country that reaches such a level. Many countries are using the argument(there are many other reasonable ones) that Turkey is not "European" so they're not allowed in. Why is the political system still evolving tribally? NAFTA, ASEAN, EU, MERCOSUR. It's cheaper, easier to fly to New York than it is to say Turkey and we do more trade with North America than we do with the rest of Europe combined iirc. Only difference is they are to our left and Turkey is to our right.

Yet Capital/Capitalists run the world and were the first class to become truly global citizens. Heck they don't see race, religion, nationalisms, cultural divides when they move a factory to China etc.

It might have been practical at the time in the 50s to start a regional bloc, but is it perpetual/kinetic energy and not rationality that keeps it going? UN parliament, global freetrade(for those ready), free travel, global min wage, global rights, global interest rate, currency and corporation tax? Surely energies put into speculation would be forced to work on innovation and actual productivity instead of well, profits from and for gambling. (Oh wait, did I just find my answer??). FDI into Ireland has shown that Capital flow is not toward the best or brightest countries but the cheapest whore.

Really, I'm just trying to provoke debate here. I understand practicality is more than an answer for most of my ponderments. Earth in 2009 is a Global village though. Barriers are 9 times out of 10 a relic and humanity, I believe, can achieve anything... eventually. Unfortunately, it's also prone to being human. None but ourselves can free our mind! END/RANT


If It's Big Enough to Give You Everything You Want...


Got a swift new toolbar at the bottom of the page there. I'm not sure what extra functionality it provides just yet but I do like collecting garbage on the site. In some completely irrational way of thinking, I see it as eventually adding to the character of the page. The character of the page being such an oversight for so many. And, for wise or for other, I go in for change almost for it's own sake. Like a headless chicken's way of making quick progress and experiencing as much as possible. Voraciously!

Spraaching of technology and other nerdisms, I finally understand "apps".

I got Google Chrome -again almost for the sake of change. It was with a heavy heart that I left Firefox and one day I will return. It has that socialistic ethos that I swoon for. But if Chrome stays so far ahead of the game I can't be sure of when that return will be.

To put it in context I see it as web3.0. Or maybe it just completes what web2.0 set out to do. It's all semantics anyway! But it was designed specificially to have the look and feel of a windows explorer window with what I initially saw as some vague aim to make the web more of an OS. Very futurist sounding. A marketing ploy perhaps. On the technical side I find that it crashes far less than Firefox used to, and even if a site makes it freeze, only that one tab does and not the whole browser.

Then on Tuesday I spotted an option to "create application shortcut". It basically creates a desktop icon that goes straight to that website and has no address bar so it feels like you are manouevering around a program. My desktop is now full of radio links, google doc links and Youtube is like my media player. Deezer feels like Spotify! Useful since the gravy train ended. I guess "links" is the wrong word to use and so maybe that's why they're called "apps". Sense at last! Either the word "program" should become obsolete or they should have just called them programs because by giving it a different name it doesn't normalise the new approach in our minds. I read that "apps" will be bigger than the internet. That is poor journalism. Nothing can be bigger than the internet, especially apps as it IS the internet! Or rather a method of accessing the it.

All in all it's all part of my ongoing strategy to put everything on the interweb cloud so I can be a "rootless tree". I can't say I'm comfortable with every solution seeming to be coming from Google. Even right now the browser I'm using is Google, as is this blog. Maybe Google will become a generic term for the internet? First step is making it into the dictionary right? If Karl Marx had a 21st century manifesto, have times changed sufficiently that he would advise to nationalise the commanding heights of the internet as well? Nationalise Google? lol . (Briefly, in good news; webs independence was assured this week I think I read. Link?)

(Also interesting, and deserving of it's own post some day soon; an internet journalism manifesto?)

Passively, I'm helping to contribute to a new-ish monolithic corporation that will surely be the mandateless mega power-wielding dinosaur of tomorrow. Where are all the independent solutions? Or have Google just shrewdly hoovered them up and repackaged them as their own? I'd like to call myself a pioneer(though that would be untrue), but it really is just for practicality's sake with the impending death of my laptop and the irrational desire to replace it with an iPhone or Android phone... which I can in no way afford. Yet.



On the Frontline


I had to indulge in some boozing last night so I missed it's premiere showing. I would say, after watching it on RTEPlayer, that Frontline's debut showing was by all accounts a success. Excellently researched and conducted. Is it possible Pat Kenny may yet redeem himself after soiling The Late Late throne on a weekly basis for so many years???

is quite a bit more sensationalist than it's predeccesor Q&A, but then again it was about NAMA so anything less would have been an insult to the seriousness of the issue. (Society shouldn't let itself continue sleep-walking through this crisis). We'll have to wait and see how it applies itself to the more mundane topics. It really did fly-by at breakneck speed and you have to wonder how that tempo and adrenaline could be maintained on, say, the next priest scandal. You can see it calming down a bit and Pat getting a bit more use out of his chair. Is it actually live?

More specificially, I lapped up the content. After the constant stream of one-sided guff we have been fed about this NAMA-or-nothing bull and how we are to be saved by these same politicians and the banksters, a lot of common sense was delved out. This country really needs to vent it's anger like that. I'd like to imagine that was just the initial jets of steam piercing it's way through the fissures before the the old world finally explodes in a fireball of charred FF chronies and small-minded small-town playboys (see bankers, businessmen, builders).

The leftwing nut in me is thinking maybe it was a statesman-like attempt by Mr Kenny and his colleagues to get the people agitated about this insanity. There was a time, afterall, when elements in RTE sided against the establishment. Then again, he is a broadcaster and I don't think there is a person in the country who wouldn't have bought into last night's approach.

It was basically 50mins of that bankster and the builders lobby head being ravaged by a Dunphy-O'Toole led angry mob. The tone was set when Dunphy immediately pointed out that the bankster is an ex-FF czar and the builders fed man, Tom Parlon, is an ex-PD! I knew Tom Parlon's history but that somehow he AND an ex-FF man shared the stage in that context in those roles is just incredible. Talk about your incestuous complicit scum!

My only complaint was that nobody managed to land that killer blow on Brian "Einstein" Lenihan (though he did dodge an Arthur-Morganesque q from O'Toole) particularly after all the excellent points made throughout the show. Kenny at the end smelling blood put it to Lenihan that he could be remembered as the man that, effectively, collapses the first Republic. Something that surely weighs heavy on him in fairness, but, would it be the worst thing?

Good start anyway Frontline. Vinny Browne will have to start thinking about watching his back.



Mr Fitzgerald's Rolling Autocue:

OK, this has been a disgraceful summer in blogging terms.

*move away from the mic to breathe*

And in weather terms. And in monetary terms. Not in beard-growing terms though. I'm rockin' it.

*stroke chin and gaze skywards contemplatively like a tit*

But mainly, its the fail in blogging terms that has disappointed me most. Makes ye feel like a real shit. Thanks to all those who showed patience and faith by not jilting me from their blogrolls. Things were so promising once, back when PofUs eyes still had the whites in its eyes and invites to Transformers premiers! (Jaysus that sounds racist, do I have the expression right there? This isn't a Nation of Islam style blog that hunts white folk! Not until it drives me to that point anyway...!)

*point shotgun down the lense of webcam whilst chewing a stick of straw in an agitated fashion*

However, onwards and upwards and all that.

*make 'woosh' sound while waving arm like airplane*

-Perhaps the end of summer and the shortening of the days is the perfect opportunity and incentive to bask in a cold, dark room and rattle away at this infernal keyboard in the name of blogging!


*queue the understated spring-in-step gangster-movie-/Oceans XX montage music...*

I hereby proclaim the return of regular Pints of Unspecific!

*holds for rapturous applause*

And this time, it'll have to have more substance about it too because I'm going to confine useless throw-away non-theme-related posts to Twitter. I'll start throwing up old articles published elsewhere too and, you know, other random bullshit. No airhead crap though if I can. Anyone who can provide a half decent theme to help modernise it would be most appreciated too.

Ah heck, ONE more pointless "funny" wan

*Grin widely... like a tit*




Fell at the Battle of Naboo

My much neglected minions, I bring word from the vocal chords.

As part of a sparse non-linear ongoing series I shall be dropping funeral instructions for when my time comes in 3000 years. That death march music with the Darth Vader during the funeral procession is essential to any ceremony.



Let me try just get my head around this. Hitting Sziget in Budapest too, mind you.

No disrespect to the indiginous indie bands(Cheap Freaks this Thursday), this is more to see the expensiver nights out. In fact, I'm gona make a seperate list for them after.

In the next few months, off the top of my head, the following are playing Dublin:

Hope Sandoval
Grizzly Bear
Eagles of Death Metal
Peter Doherty
Dirty Projectors
Passion Pit
The Cribs(new Johnny Marr edition)
Joan as Policewoman
Depeche Mode
Electric Picnic (and all that entails)
Hard Working Class Heroes
Sonic Youth
Times New Viking
Mumford and Sons
Yo La Tengo
The Pixies
Jamie T
(Will put proper dates, order on this soon)

Further afield; YYYs in Belfast Aug 26

and of course; Republic of Luas. A Republic of Loos Tribue Band.

He Don't Need Nobody Else

Good man Nicolas.
Had this song playing at the same time I stumbled across this pic. It just works. Gives it a kind of 80s montage of someone who has just left or died qualia. Died of Sarko-Aids. From a horse.

On closer inspection, I can see an apartheid subtext here.


And Now Some More Scenes from 19th Century London


A fascinating read. The article evokes a lot of life for someone who's no longer actually with us. The man was a living time-machine! He has lived in THREE CENTURIES!

Imagine having only ever kissed ONE women, which first occured(terrible choice of word) in 1915! Imagine your first kiss was tomorrow and not kissing anyone else for 94 years. Then dying. And this woman had been dead 39 years before your own death.



The bit about 25 seconds in where it shows Dan Quayle's rejected face and limp comeback is one of those excellent moments where one can indulge in a politicians public humiliation.


The Glee Club

It's probably wrong to abuse old people like this. Infact, it definitely is. But it's sure as fuck funny.

Crazy Ann woman in the middle with the brain slug getting all hot and bothered. Old man in cap on the left flustered at the attention. Then the legendary Joe, the bald fellow, always has the right thing to say.