Anyone Fancy Getting the Boat?

"We’re in this mess, not because Fianna Fáil policies have failed, but because they have succeeded"

Since the groundbreaking opinion poll where Fianna Fail were relegated to 3rd biggest party for the first time ever, there have been many many more scandals about the government. More terrible depressing figures. More manifestations of failed policies. More forecasts of doom.

Little action.

It seemed Fianna Fail were in a flaming out of control rollercoaster of bloated corrupt and ineptitude teetering over the edge of the abyss facing a capitulation in the polls.

However, it seems not even the naked portraits of Brian Cowen could put people off Fianna Fail.

They have staged a bone-chilling recovery in the polls.

I don't like to make broad sweeping generalisations, but everyone, it would appear, is an idiot. 

I'd like to quote Paul Weller and The Jam below to express my dismay, rage. If they get re-elected we deserve this recession to never end. I'll be off to Canada or something. /Rant over.

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