Erotic and Dystopic, Nick Cave Does it Again

Almost like a capstone on the long since foregone conclusion that Nick Cave is the greatest lyricist of his generation and probably one of the best of all time.

The Bad Seeds
latest album features quite a few gems. Solid rock by numbers, with an air of freshness and selfworth that usually a bands atleast 14th (depending if you count Grinderman etc) album has given up striving for, about 5 or 6 albums hence. Westlife take note.

The final track, simply tacked on at the end; More News From Nowhere is subtle earth shattering stuff. Overtly obvious his own Desolation Row, its just 8 minutes of casual, smooth-paced poetry sang over an equally cool almost lounge music rock. Call backs to his Birthday Party days in the no wave guitar drone ominously stringing along in the background screaming in the quiet, mirroring the surreal and madness of the words. Gasping almost in shock you can imagine its this life in the guitar that sings the line "-let me out of here!- I cried", as to how he can be so aloof about what he is singing about. Insane necro drugged orgy cannibal cookery party just to note a few events in this debauchery fest. Works well with the rhythm guitar too, simple couple of fifths, cooly indulging in sliding up and down the fretboard here and there, as if seeping through the laid back, lusty ethos of the place. Each stroke a... stroke.

The contrast and hinted schizophrenia works a treat and adds extra layers of madness and texture to what could have just been construed as an excuse to read out some poetry on a rock album.

The video furthers this theme of strangeness, being out of place. For apparently only the second video ever, he is seen performing in a tshirt. Everyone else is a sleezey businessman in suits at a dank seedy lounge/stripclub. Nobody makes any quick jerking movements, not even Peaches Geldof manning the pole. Everything is smooth slow laidback and cool. Sedated by sin, gluttony. Surreal tacit tolerance of the unadulterated sinning all around. In fact Cave is the quickest mover (not saying much though). Ironic seen as though he's probably done more drugs than everyone else in the room!

Indeed, the album was released last year and this post is random for its timing and content. But... its just a fucking great song. Drink. It. In.


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