Flight Canceled?

I don't know this for sure. It certainly isn't a fact. And I definitely haven't researched this one bit.

However, while watching the last episode of series 2 of Flight of the Conchords, it definitely seemed like an end to the whole show. Sudden enough too. I wont spoil the plot for anyone, but thats the vibe I got from it.

Granted the first season was better, but thats the norm with any show!

Isn't this usually the sign that a show has been canceled?

Does anyone have any idea whats going on with the future of the show? Concentrating on liveshows perhaps in America with their new mainstream audience?


  1. The show wasn't cancelled by HBO. I think Bret & Jemaine have concerns about balancing quality and quantity and aren't used to the mainstream success that they have achieved - it is an adjustment for them! Shame for the fans of course, but I'm sure we haven't see the last of them.

  2. They decided at the beginning to only make 10 episodes then kill it off,
    There's a movie in the pipeline tho
    info --> http://www.movies.ie/html/article.aspx?articleid=4413


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