From My Cold Dead Hands!

I awoke today as any other afternoon; late, unawares and beardish.

Rent and ESB late. Manageable.

College and Tribune assignments due in next few days. Under control.

It was something else that has rattled my bones.


"The chimp stashed hundreds of stones in anticipation of throwing them".

Of course one could simply put that down to that percentage of jerks every society has in its midst. Surely the animal kingdom is not immune to such a ratio, sentient beings as they are.

So I read on. "Most Popular Stories Now".

What's this?


"Hero in Underpants Tackles a 'Roo"

Usually, I'd notch that up as a delightful romp of a read. Some lad in his jocks tackles a kangaroo. Quality.

On the same day though, that we discover a chimp has a stash of hate rocks to throw at unsuspecting people and their soft non-rock-proof skulls??

The beginning of the end?? Surely!

I'll be blogging from the fallout shelter from here on in.

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