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egoeccentric has the scoop.


Fair play to the lads, thats epic! I'm still in stitches!

Progress Leeching Dinocrats

Avast ye mateys!

Looks like the brave shipmen of the good ship Pirate Bay have been slapped with a 4million-ish euro fine and a year in prison. Well and truly a modern showtrial, the media circus and the powers that be had long since decided the outcome. Nobody makes fools of the major media. Nobody!

Or rather, that was what the dinosaurs desired. In actual fact, the people at Pirate Bay have seen this as just one giant piss-take.

“Stay calm - Nothing will happen to TPB, us personally or file-sharing whatsoever,” says brokep. “This is just a theater for the media.”

“Really, it’s a bit LOL,” he added. “It used to be only movies, now even verdicts are out before the official release.”

The outcome, if not predicatable enough, was leaked the night before. Really the entire charade is just a message to the pirating industry. "Don't fuck with us".

Of course their entire case against these are bogus. Pirate Bay isn't even the biggest torrent search engine. A search engine that links to coyrighted material? I challenge them to find a single search engine that doesnt. Can guarantee we won't be seeing Google executives going to prison for it.

Again, blinded by greed, the relics in charge of Universal, Warner, whomever, fail to see that they cannot stop progress. At every turn their plans to keep their music safe from theives has backfired.

Tapedecks could only eventually be beaten by offering better quality CDs. Making CD burners illegal in the 90s just led to a lucrative black market and before long they gave up the futile fight. The case of Sony putting spyware on their CDs uploaded to user's PCs along with the content resulted in massive law suits. Their attempts to shutdown Kazaa, Shareaza, Napster back in the day forced the pace of the evolution of torrent downloading. The farce of DRM might be the most obvious example.

To counter filesharing, mp3 players would be locked to playing licensed content. Upon release, Microsoft's Zune wouldn't even play Microsoft's own music, ironically, entitled "play for sure". Belatedly the music industry has copped that people don't like DRM or anything like it. A progression in the last 18 months to sell DRM-free music has actually seen massive rises in legit music sales online. Surely that makes no sense in the major label dogma? Next they'll want to lock us up for playing the songs ourselves on our guitars no less!

Now the pursuit against torrents is just quickening the pace of its own evolution/alternatives. Things like IPREDator, advanced proxy settings and port forwarding allow you to be completely anonymous in downloading/uploading.

Instead the companies should have worked with the torrents or p2p filesharers at a point where they could co-operate and the technology would be undercontrol in a fair way that there would be no incentive to force the pace. It is these pirates whom are ten-times more likely to purchase music. Legal actions like these only serve to alienate them from their entire customer-base further driving the will to download illegally almost out of spite.

Word-of-mouth has been known as the best sales technique in punk/indie circles for generations. How often have you been awakened/introduced to a band by a rousing rendition of a bands song by your mate on guitar? "Billy" downloads the new Green Day single and shares it with 9 of his friends. All 10 end up loving it and going to the gig. For a loss of 99c on iTunes, Green Day earns 10 tickets @ 50 euro each. Independent artists never expect to make much, if any, money at all on music sales. Do not believe what they say, iTunes is not an income source for artists. Major artists make absolute fortunes on tours and merchandising anyway. How much do they need? The only person you are "fucking over" are the millionaires at the top.

At the end of the day, on appeal, the "Pirate Bay Four" will have a massively reduced sentence/fine if any. The proof of the pudding of this whole ridiculous process is that the Pirate Bay is still alive and kicking and the increased media exposure has given it a 9.5percent increase in site traffic.

The idiocy of the record company executives is unfathomable. Survival of the fittest; adapt and prosper or die out like the dinosaurs they have consistently shown themselves to be. Isn't that what capitalism is all about?



I'm a sucker for these zany future prediction things. I even have the 40year old jetpack from the year 2000 to prove it.



Barrel O' Monkeys!!

Who would have thought something so simple could be so god dang hilarious.

Instant classic.


... And Its Super Freaky!

Porto could have done with THIS Hulk tonite...

Remember Drogs!

Forget all about the ineptitude of the FAI or the not as glamouress aspect of the League of Ireland.

When all is said and done, it is our own league, our players and our clubs and when that is kept at the principle of any solution, anything can and should be overcome.

It is our moral duty to give a shout out to the reported woes at Cork City FC and beg people to show support in whatever way they can. They are a fantastic club, with fantastic players, fantastic fans, fantastic stadium... but absolutely useless owners.

A venture capital firm bought Cork in 2007 with the idea of building a state of the art 20,000 seater stadium and monopolising the Irish Champions League spot and all the moneys that comes with it. Becoming our Rosenborg, essentially. However, mid 2008, they literally said "nuts to this" upped and left the country reneging on all sorts of legal agreements and guarantees.

They ended up going through the administration process, sacking a load of staff and players and eventually coming through the other side and left in the hands of a local Cork businessman.

However, this latest turn for the worse, a tax bill catching up with them, means they will not be allowed into administration again and will go straight to the wall. I'm not sure how long they have, or if even these reports are completely accurate. But its symptomatic of the league as a whole and a rallying cry for all to try and support their local team if they can. Almost literally anyone could be next.

Crossing Dimensions Count as Mobile Roaming?


Frightening? Heartwarming?

Personally, much like the great Homer once proposed, I want to be stuffed and left on the couch.

With a stern face. Can in hand. Fresh sandwich in the other. A dictaphone in my chest pocket set off by people walking past with me, upon which I would spout out my most popular catchphrases;


"What time is it?"



Of course my apparel would be changed in accordance with what becomes/ceases to be socially acceptable.

Being taxidermied is no excuse to look foolish.


Bam Bam Ramone Man

How much speakers/amp damage do you think that man is responsible for over the past 30years? lol

Thought the Bludget Was Bad for Smokes?

Hahaha "supply WILL normalise!"

Prison Economy Spirals As Price Of Pack Of Cigarettes Surpasses Two Hand Jobs


Doing our Patriotic Booty

Just to keep the humiliation of Our Dear Leader rollin' perpetually ad infinitum, it is my patriotic duty to repost the, by now legendary, Cowengate Gallery.


... And The Gods Quaked At His Haka

Remember all those old Chuck Norris jokes, and then all those Jack Bauer jokes and so on?

We got ourselves a real live candidate for the next holder of the title of most rad badass on the planet.

Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

Remember the name. Here is the original reporting on BBC. It shall henceforth be referred to as the Newest Testament According to Prez Ratu

"Fiji President Takes Over Power

Fijian President Ratu Josefa Iloilo has announced that he has taken over the government.

It comes a day after a court ruled that the current military government was illegally appointed after a 2006 coup.

In a nationally televised address, the president said he had annulled the constitution, assumed all governing power and sacked the country's judges.

He spoke after meeting Commodore Frank Bainimarama, the army chief who toppled the civilian government in the coup."

Picture: "We're running out of zeros. Could you just invent a word to describe the number of souls you've eaten today?"


"Tony Blair tells the Pope: You're Wrong"

Just an excellent headline.


Although Tony could narrow it down significantly by just saying what the Church is actually right on.

Just how does an international-mega-murderer like Tony get an audience with il Papa anyway?

Also, can anyone else see the picture of the clan members on the right under "Easter", with underneath; "Celebrations Begin All Around the World"?

Picture: Tony feasts on small Arab child


While the rest of the blogosphere does battle over their Top 50 Irish Acts or the Bludget 09, Pint of Unspecific remains vigilant as ever.

A theme of the blog is to be a watcher over humanity. Make sure it doesnt grow too big for its handmade bipedal boots. The animal kingdom always has the capacity to be quite the humbler.

Well here it is.


I'd be lying if I said I thought I'd never have my name attached to a website talking about hot-intra-monkey-sex in exchange for meat.


Daily Idiocy

rdlp715 says (01:40):
write a love song about a sandwich

rdlp715 says (01:40):

and in the final edit

rdlp715 says (01:40):

change all mentions of it to "she" or "her"

rdlp715 says (01:40):

guarantee it'll be one of the best lovesongs of all time. Probably how all lovesongs are written.

Jimothy Jazzington VI says (01:40):

thats coz you are a wierdo

rdlp715 says (01:45):

"when i see you with your beautiful salaaad, well baby it makes my heart g-laaaad"

rdlp715 says (01:45):

"see you with him and your glistening mustard... ye know i hate to admit it but it makes my heart hurt"

Jimothy Jazzington VI says (01:45):

thats fuckin shit

rdlp715 says (01:46):

"baby what i just need, must be a taste of your sesame seeeeeeeds!" *guitar solo*

rdlp715 says (01:46):

"your amazing with salami and thats how it should always be! just you... aaaaand.... meeee"

rdlp715 says (01:49):

"oh and shes got pepperrrrr and ooohhh how i neeed her!"

rdlp715 says (01:49):

"mayonaise or butter i dont care, i need nobody... *drum solo*... but herrrr!"

rdlp715 says (01:54):

.... im puttin this stuff on the blog, its pure gold

Jimothy Jazzington VI says (01:54):

it really, really isnt

Jimothy Jazzington VI says (01:54):
... fuckwit

Contributions to the as-yet unwritten epic welcome.

... but I'm not sure if you can top any of that


The Smell of Success

Lets us not forget that we loved Kramer once.

Via the intermittent blog of the excellent Wavves.

Part of the DIY ethic of the new wave of punkesque new grunge is that the band members run blogs as if they were normal human beings. Remarkable.

No Age seem like a good laugh. Choons.

Vivian Girls
. Pretty decent choons, but seem like eejits of the highest order.

No sign of a Times New Viking blog anywhere though.

Mika Miko gots one though.

Just like Deerhunter, at blogspot too.

Dublin act Sweet Jane should hook themselves up with one (though they have a good, regularly updated and intimate all-access myspace blog). They are the real deal people! Get following!

Expect a more indepth analysis of good Irish guitar bands shortly!

*Update Sweet Jane have just started themselves a new blog http://sweetjanemusic.blogspot.com/


If You Come Down to the Woods Today

My favourite is the guy with the bottles at about 1.03.

Don't even think these people are on drugs or anything.


Smash'n'Blab Victory?

I don't really follow boxing. Wish I did.

This David Haye chap sounds... like maybe he has based his life and career on one too many movies? I can't decide how to feel about what he's said. Hilarious, entertainment, regular tactics or just irredeemable buffoonery?

All I know is anyone who claims

"I feel as though I’ve been sent by all the great heavyweights of yesteryear to clean up and save the heavyweight division."

... sets himself up for quite a word-failingly-big fall. Fair balls.

Pat to the Future

Little late reporting on this. However, it shant be a story left to flounder in obscurity!

King Kenny is to abdicate his thrown as Master of the Late Late!

Taking over from Gaybo would always be a tall order. Many believed he'd struggle to make his mark. Yet, make his mark he did. A great big smoking crater-like mark.

A man so clearly lacking in charisma following up probably the most charismatic presenter we've ever had. Almost everything said or done was like watching a train crash in slowmotion, partially because he moves and speaks in slo-mo.

There is a case to be made, however that when he eventually does speak, what comes out is pure gold. See Culch.ie for original report.

Would dearly love a stockpile of all his best moments if people would be so kind?

Put the Beer in the Coconut

Its not all doom and gloom out there. Not by an ass's bite, its not.

Apparently all the worlds in chaos, nowhere moreso than here. And yet, the sun still shined today? How can this be? Well fellas, an ancient wise old Simpsons episode once educated me that the Japanese have the same word for "crisis" and "opportunity". Crisitunity! /cringe

Sure, some of us chung people might have to emmigrate for a while instead of being dog-food testers in the old coal mines or something. This lad "George" from "Ireland" (his story checks out) has the right idea. Apply to be a caretaker of an island paradise. Its a genius global competition they are hosting there to increase tourism. Whether it succeeds or not... well, who cares?

-I'm off to the hammock district!


G20 over. Apparently a good and just protest was had by all, AND the lads fixed the economy. Not counting Ireland, I'd say that things will have started turning around by the end of the year.

The organisers of the meeting apparently sat the Queen and President Lula of Brazil beside eachother. Seems to me that they have a pretty sharp sense of humour. He blames some sort of herrenvolk for the situation, and at the meeting to fix it all he gets to sit beside the biggest volkin' Queen of them all. Who is, technically, German herself.

And he lurvved it, it seems.

Look at him there, king of all he surveys. Brazil must be a magical place!