Daily Idiocy

rdlp715 says (01:40):
write a love song about a sandwich

rdlp715 says (01:40):

and in the final edit

rdlp715 says (01:40):

change all mentions of it to "she" or "her"

rdlp715 says (01:40):

guarantee it'll be one of the best lovesongs of all time. Probably how all lovesongs are written.

Jimothy Jazzington VI says (01:40):

thats coz you are a wierdo

rdlp715 says (01:45):

"when i see you with your beautiful salaaad, well baby it makes my heart g-laaaad"

rdlp715 says (01:45):

"see you with him and your glistening mustard... ye know i hate to admit it but it makes my heart hurt"

Jimothy Jazzington VI says (01:45):

thats fuckin shit

rdlp715 says (01:46):

"baby what i just need, must be a taste of your sesame seeeeeeeds!" *guitar solo*

rdlp715 says (01:46):

"your amazing with salami and thats how it should always be! just you... aaaaand.... meeee"

rdlp715 says (01:49):

"oh and shes got pepperrrrr and ooohhh how i neeed her!"

rdlp715 says (01:49):

"mayonaise or butter i dont care, i need nobody... *drum solo*... but herrrr!"

rdlp715 says (01:54):

.... im puttin this stuff on the blog, its pure gold

Jimothy Jazzington VI says (01:54):

it really, really isnt

Jimothy Jazzington VI says (01:54):
... fuckwit

Contributions to the as-yet unwritten epic welcome.

... but I'm not sure if you can top any of that

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  1. Titles

    Lets Go to Bread

    Youre My Gal and I'm Your Ham

    Girl Dont Be Pickle About Love

    Love You Turkey So Dont Jerk Me (Around)

    I'll Be Your Tobasco But He Must Go

    If It Matters To You, It Tomatoes To Me

    Say It Fishin' So

    Love You Shallots

    I Want You The Toast


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