Put the Beer in the Coconut

Its not all doom and gloom out there. Not by an ass's bite, its not.

Apparently all the worlds in chaos, nowhere moreso than here. And yet, the sun still shined today? How can this be? Well fellas, an ancient wise old Simpsons episode once educated me that the Japanese have the same word for "crisis" and "opportunity". Crisitunity! /cringe

Sure, some of us chung people might have to emmigrate for a while instead of being dog-food testers in the old coal mines or something. This lad "George" from "Ireland" (his story checks out) has the right idea. Apply to be a caretaker of an island paradise. Its a genius global competition they are hosting there to increase tourism. Whether it succeeds or not... well, who cares?

-I'm off to the hammock district!

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