The Smell of Success

Lets us not forget that we loved Kramer once.

Via the intermittent blog of the excellent Wavves.

Part of the DIY ethic of the new wave of punkesque new grunge is that the band members run blogs as if they were normal human beings. Remarkable.

No Age seem like a good laugh. Choons.

Vivian Girls
. Pretty decent choons, but seem like eejits of the highest order.

No sign of a Times New Viking blog anywhere though.

Mika Miko gots one though.

Just like Deerhunter, at blogspot too.

Dublin act Sweet Jane should hook themselves up with one (though they have a good, regularly updated and intimate all-access myspace blog). They are the real deal people! Get following!

Expect a more indepth analysis of good Irish guitar bands shortly!

*Update Sweet Jane have just started themselves a new blog http://sweetjanemusic.blogspot.com/

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