Remember Drogs!

Forget all about the ineptitude of the FAI or the not as glamouress aspect of the League of Ireland.

When all is said and done, it is our own league, our players and our clubs and when that is kept at the principle of any solution, anything can and should be overcome.

It is our moral duty to give a shout out to the reported woes at Cork City FC and beg people to show support in whatever way they can. They are a fantastic club, with fantastic players, fantastic fans, fantastic stadium... but absolutely useless owners.

A venture capital firm bought Cork in 2007 with the idea of building a state of the art 20,000 seater stadium and monopolising the Irish Champions League spot and all the moneys that comes with it. Becoming our Rosenborg, essentially. However, mid 2008, they literally said "nuts to this" upped and left the country reneging on all sorts of legal agreements and guarantees.

They ended up going through the administration process, sacking a load of staff and players and eventually coming through the other side and left in the hands of a local Cork businessman.

However, this latest turn for the worse, a tax bill catching up with them, means they will not be allowed into administration again and will go straight to the wall. I'm not sure how long they have, or if even these reports are completely accurate. But its symptomatic of the league as a whole and a rallying cry for all to try and support their local team if they can. Almost literally anyone could be next.

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