Captains Log

Firstly, apparently there is a type of penguin called The Jackass Penguin.

Now. If my abacus is trustworthy, this is PintofUnspecific's 50th post. Been very sparse lately, wont use exams as an excuse, so its been first real dry patch since conception. Not that we're usually covered in... wet-patches? Needlessly disgusting and vulgar is a strong theme here lol

Progress report so. Started this as vent/somewhere to put the ridiculous trove of interesting crap I find on the web. Somewhere can exercise writing where its not a chore. Then February-ish alot of established bloggers suddenly finished up. Figured was the right time to give it a bash. Had been following blogs for, could say about 4 years. Really proper for the last nearly 2. Favourites/ones who inspired were Unarocks, RickO'Shea, TwentyMajor, Mulley, mp3hugger, OnTheRecord. What I still notice/makes me feel thick is that just when I think I know who the main blogs are, there is always a whole extra blogoverse.

Out of the blue near beginning there was Luncheon Roll giving us a shout. Then after the stampede of traffic to Irish blogs after RP was linked, the guru himself Rick O'Shea gave us a mention. Absolutely humbling. Very soon after, the daddy, Mr Mulley himself included us in his regular excellent fluffy links. Props to mp3hugger who I emailed before and after created this on advice for blog. His quick off-the-cuff review was hilarious;

-"Yeah you're bonkers and yeah you're into football (hooray - sick to death of all this rugby). "

Whirlwind romance with bloggery! Everyone in the blogosphere very welcoming, thought it'd be a hard clique to crack, really isn't. The new media really is open to everyone. Hopefuly now with a summer of probable unemployment ahead of me, the blog will really kick on. PofU 2.0

Thoughts on the actual blog itself? Right now its too general and needs to specialise more. Theres been football news, political rants, stoned ramblings, music reviews, absolutely ridiculous state of affairs. Self-restraint needs to be exercised more. I think I'll set up an extra music specific blog to channel that, maybe not. This will make interesting reading looking back in a few years when it becomes some sort of cooking blog or something cant even imagine! One of the hobbies of mine is looking back on original years old posts bloggers did in the day, similar to this then seeing it evolve and progress. Half recall few great ones on Unarocks, think there was one that said "I'm liking this band Arcade Fire, listen out for them, their my tip, can go all the way, debut album next year". Had a minefield of great predictions actually.

Appearance wise, I've realised that wordpress should have been the way to go. I've been told as much by fellow bloggers, that the template here is terrible lol. There isn't even a specific banner, not very unique at all. Unfortunately I do not know how so until I do this will remain some sort of test-run blog, or atleast thats how I view it/explain away its shortcomings lol. Also I've this thing where I don't proper tag posts, just put a random associated fun sounding word. This is beginning to stockpile at the bottom of the page and one day I'll have to sort it out... reluctantly.

The blog has also finally made me appreciate the point of Twitter. Before I was very much left cold by the idea of saying what you are doing every 5minutes. Never utilised it that way at all. Whole new world of, for lack of a better word, awesomeness! Been able to communicate with different people in new ways. Brings new people into reading blogs and that.

Found myself skipping essays and that instead just writing excessively large posts on stuff that interests me (and I don't have to footnote). Skipping readings by just reading the never ending web library, again on things that interest me. Never realised blogging could be so addictive or time consuming. Blogs are like heroin, that make the internet so much better and the sphere of my brain that makes me take bad medicine has been completely neglected. I'm expecting it to blow up in my face any day now, its not gonna be pretty. But by fuck will it have been worth every overly long bloaty blogpost that I know is terrible but dont care.

My biggest source of frustration though, is it turns out that 95percent of traffic the blog gets is because I inadvertently linked a globally popular picture of a monkey. Nothing to do with it being decent. What can ye do but laugh?


  1. You can autopilot your blog to wordpress it's easy!

    Goooo wordpress!

    Also well done on the whole blogging front!

  2. I don't actually check LR too often so didn't see your link...thanks!

    I like your blog but feel you on the disassociation of everything, not really knowing what you want it to be. To be honest, I think that's the best way. It's a truer representation of your personality...Wordpress really is a lovely blogging platform tho....


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