Holy Frinkin Schnitzel!

Its a given that all politicians are corrupt. (Except Joe Higgins, vote him up). However, I always found myself inexplicably fond of the European Parliament, possibly because its composition is about 0.5 percent Fianna Failers.

In recession season, lazy opportunist journalists are always hungry for the easy scoop on how politicians are bent and their crazy expenses. Ze Germans, are no exception.


A pan-eu site detailing the performance/attendance rates of your MEP was forced to shut temporarily while the MEPs gathered a legal position. So some German tv crew stood a perch over the sign-in stop in the parliament building. MEPs need only sign the register and they get their massive expenses and then leave. Off galavanting, fluttering away their ill-gotten fortunes no doubt.

Watch resulting hilarity.

(Don't miss Nazi woman Kathy Sinnott threatening to sue if the clip is released. Apparently she started work at midnight and worked 'til 7am, vampire like as she is)

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