There Can Only Be One...

Hmmm, this dry patch is getting ridiculous. I think its down to mental prep for taking a run at Wordpress soon.

-got through exams
-suffered a month of zero going out
-possible good scamming-government-for-money news
-possibly going Sziget
-reluctantly embraced Facebook

Actually therein lies a source of ridiculousness. The gig is up. Ready yourself. My name is not actually rdlp715, it is Shane Fitzgerald. An observant one at that. I've noticed in my time at UCD there was atleast one other Shane Fitzgerald in my year. Took my seat at an exam once.

I had set up a Facebook last year just for the sake of it, alas it didn't really get my motor running. One day all of a sudden it started getting inundated with friend requests and messages of support. Which I didn't initialy notice, not checking my UCD mail all that often, usually out of fear.

Then BAM!

Phonecall from the Indo on the mobile. Was half asleep so it was a rude "What? No, not me. G'night". Got a few phonecalls from journalists asking for interviews, mainly facebook mails though. The English Indo, The Star amongst others. Some poor SU head from Ljubilana, Slovenia who wanted me to write an article for their end of year handbook. A Portugueuse journalist from "Diário de Notícias" wanted an over-facebook interview aswell. How easy are these people's jobs?!

It was put to me to take advantage of this. False-quote the false-quoter. Get an interview published full of bull and then call them on THAT aswell. "Yes, that's right. I invented the question mark." The scent of irony was delicious. However, an American I've come into acquaintance through all this advised against, saying the guy could get the sack. Not worth it.

You see the Shane Fitzgerald they were looking for was also a UCD Arts student, and correspondance back from one of the journalists informed me that there are in fact THREE of us in UCD Arts. I am the only one who was on Facebook so I took the brunt of the media hysteria.

The most ridiculous thing is how this all became such big news. This wiki-meddling has been done many times before over the years. Indeed they're changing the structure to have registered peer editors to stop such messers. Also, the Shane Fitzgerald lad also got his own wiki entry for a day or two before it was deleted for being, well, pointless. I'd bet my last few cent that it was actually done by him, maybe the only person with the ego for it.

Saying that though many people have congratulated me(thinking its him) as a hero. Utter dumbassery. A man, a legendary French composer dies, and his eulogy, covering his life is known globally as the vehicle hijacked by some bored kid who fancied pulling a prank.

Anyway it all quietened down, and after exams and such I returned home to C-Bridge for first time in about a month. Only to find theres ANOTHER one of us running for election here! And hes in the Greens! The people who want us to Prius our poverty and inequality away. Shake a stick of homegrown celery at the Catholic Church maybe? He ran a few years ago and now I have one of his election posters which the lads superglued a picture of my drunk face on to. Its damn frightening when you see it coming in at night. Its all been kinda like when Jim Carrey's character copped on in The Truman Show.

I have a genuine question though for anyone able to answer. This triggered a massive freakout on how they got my contact info. Is it illegal for a journalist to ring up UCD asking for my details and be allowed my mobile phone number?

I'd say I need a new alias, but I've got like 10 already. Prizes to whoever can amass them all.

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