Jamie Stirs his T

Seems Jamie T is finally beginning to stir this year.

After his universally well-received debut album Panic Prevention way back when in January 2007, he did a good bit of touring, including an excellent set at Oxegen. Seemingly always excellent live. Had he the world at his feet?

Since then, however, all has been quiet apart from hearing about the odd show in a London club or remix here or there. Emerging periodically in his forums, which are a supposedly a treasure trove for remixes. His battles with addiction probably common knowledge by this stage. He had become a character from one of his own songs practically.

Is it ridiculous to hypothesise that in only joining Twitter and Facebook in the last few weeks that the 23 year old next-big-thing of only 2 years ago had already fallen behind the times? Or is it more damning evidence of his self-inflicted hibernation, contrasting further with the current thawing process?

Jerking into life in 2009, he released a single in January called "Fire Fire" (free download from website), which he said was an apology to fans/a thank you for the patience of those waiting for him to get his act together.

He's playing all the big festivals in England alongside his own tour. Glastonbury, Leeds, Reading, T in The Park. Fingers crossed he'll nip over here at some stage this summer, doubtful at this stage though. There's also an EP due in the next fortnight called Sticks'N'Stones, with lead single;

A recent, decent remix of a Florence and the Machine track(and rumours of an album track collaboration), a nationwide tour and the impending announcement of an upcoming new full length album dubbed "Kings and Queens" means that Jamie T is back with a... bluh!


  1. I love JAMIE T! he's so underrated.

    Sorry comment is fawning, but you catch my drift?

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