Shmart Talk... From a Dumb Man

Blogger has been acting up on Firefox all day and it takes me until 3am to realise I can try it on IE!

Anyway, this morning I bring you Hardy Bucks. It's probably apt that I'm watching Trailer Park Boys on Comedy Central as I post this. Really and truly it has taken that format and adapted it to Castletown, County Mayo. It's even loaded with Irish-style Rickyisms. Big shtyle.

I think they entered a competition on RTE to get their show on the telly months back, that it seems wasn't succesful. Eyebrowy, Langerland kind of background/approach. I'm not sure if they're still making it, but they are obviously a naturally funny bunch. The Viper the funniest, original, indiginous, Irish character since... D'Unbelievables or Fr Ted before that? (Correct me if I'm forgetting someone).

It's fucking hilarious.


  1. I find Hardy Bucks a lot funnier than TPB oddly enough, and I'm pretty snobby.
    ...and you mean since Kevin McAleer.

    You didn't happen to do some stuff in NUIG last year? Name rings a bell.

  2. Stuff in NUIG? Afraid not sir. For better or worse I'm a UCD man. Is there a "Pint of Unspecific" thing going on over there?

    I did vomit outside Bar903 last June if that's what you mean?


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