Mr Fitzgerald's Rolling Autocue:

OK, this has been a disgraceful summer in blogging terms.

*move away from the mic to breathe*

And in weather terms. And in monetary terms. Not in beard-growing terms though. I'm rockin' it.

*stroke chin and gaze skywards contemplatively like a tit*

But mainly, its the fail in blogging terms that has disappointed me most. Makes ye feel like a real shit. Thanks to all those who showed patience and faith by not jilting me from their blogrolls. Things were so promising once, back when PofUs eyes still had the whites in its eyes and invites to Transformers premiers! (Jaysus that sounds racist, do I have the expression right there? This isn't a Nation of Islam style blog that hunts white folk! Not until it drives me to that point anyway...!)

*point shotgun down the lense of webcam whilst chewing a stick of straw in an agitated fashion*

However, onwards and upwards and all that.

*make 'woosh' sound while waving arm like airplane*

-Perhaps the end of summer and the shortening of the days is the perfect opportunity and incentive to bask in a cold, dark room and rattle away at this infernal keyboard in the name of blogging!


*queue the understated spring-in-step gangster-movie-/Oceans XX montage music...*

I hereby proclaim the return of regular Pints of Unspecific!

*holds for rapturous applause*

And this time, it'll have to have more substance about it too because I'm going to confine useless throw-away non-theme-related posts to Twitter. I'll start throwing up old articles published elsewhere too and, you know, other random bullshit. No airhead crap though if I can. Anyone who can provide a half decent theme to help modernise it would be most appreciated too.

Ah heck, ONE more pointless "funny" wan

*Grin widely... like a tit*

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