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I had to indulge in some boozing last night so I missed it's premiere showing. I would say, after watching it on RTEPlayer, that Frontline's debut showing was by all accounts a success. Excellently researched and conducted. Is it possible Pat Kenny may yet redeem himself after soiling The Late Late throne on a weekly basis for so many years???

is quite a bit more sensationalist than it's predeccesor Q&A, but then again it was about NAMA so anything less would have been an insult to the seriousness of the issue. (Society shouldn't let itself continue sleep-walking through this crisis). We'll have to wait and see how it applies itself to the more mundane topics. It really did fly-by at breakneck speed and you have to wonder how that tempo and adrenaline could be maintained on, say, the next priest scandal. You can see it calming down a bit and Pat getting a bit more use out of his chair. Is it actually live?

More specificially, I lapped up the content. After the constant stream of one-sided guff we have been fed about this NAMA-or-nothing bull and how we are to be saved by these same politicians and the banksters, a lot of common sense was delved out. This country really needs to vent it's anger like that. I'd like to imagine that was just the initial jets of steam piercing it's way through the fissures before the the old world finally explodes in a fireball of charred FF chronies and small-minded small-town playboys (see bankers, businessmen, builders).

The leftwing nut in me is thinking maybe it was a statesman-like attempt by Mr Kenny and his colleagues to get the people agitated about this insanity. There was a time, afterall, when elements in RTE sided against the establishment. Then again, he is a broadcaster and I don't think there is a person in the country who wouldn't have bought into last night's approach.

It was basically 50mins of that bankster and the builders lobby head being ravaged by a Dunphy-O'Toole led angry mob. The tone was set when Dunphy immediately pointed out that the bankster is an ex-FF czar and the builders fed man, Tom Parlon, is an ex-PD! I knew Tom Parlon's history but that somehow he AND an ex-FF man shared the stage in that context in those roles is just incredible. Talk about your incestuous complicit scum!

My only complaint was that nobody managed to land that killer blow on Brian "Einstein" Lenihan (though he did dodge an Arthur-Morganesque q from O'Toole) particularly after all the excellent points made throughout the show. Kenny at the end smelling blood put it to Lenihan that he could be remembered as the man that, effectively, collapses the first Republic. Something that surely weighs heavy on him in fairness, but, would it be the worst thing?

Good start anyway Frontline. Vinny Browne will have to start thinking about watching his back.

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