And Now For Something Completely Familiar

Figure we could do with lightening the tone here a bit. For ol' time's sake?

Once a week I'll throw up what I've favourited on Youtube et al in the preceding 7 days.

> More of the genius that is Rich Hall... aka Otis Lee Crenshaw.

> Some pikeys in England pick the wrong cross-dressing cage-fighters to irritate.

> In the epic week/end that was HWCH, I found myself pretty chuffed with stumbling upon Mark O'Sullivan's Goatboy.

> Edan - Promised Land. From the Beauty & the Beat Album. Excellent.

> The only fat, bald lead-guitarist punk? Eitherway, John Perry has impeccable taste. Even if I'll never forgive him for canceling his Dublin gig last year with The Only Ones. Didn't notice Yo la Tengo covered that.

> That new Ian Brown one where he rips into Squire. 'Tis a bit lightweight and middle of the road for King Monkey but tis gewd.

> Edan's fellow Def Jux-er, Aesop Rock.

> Sometimes covers are better than the original. Case in point.

> Despot - Look Alive. You might notice this was on the latest Nialler9 podcast. I'd like to thank him for bringing this musical blessing to my scattered attention.

> This Dylan cover by Richard Hell & the Voidoids. Looked into him again after seeing the excellent Smithereens, never even crossed my mind to check if they did anything after Blank Generation. Zut!

> Did a bit of Air reminiscing/preparing myself to give their latest offering a go.

> Strange that Jack White should randomly show up, as rare a sight that he is on these shores, when I'd been listening to two of the better Raconteur choons.

> To my eternal shame, DOA. It's the jazz flute and slick guitar lick that get me!

> This has come up a lot in the recent flurry of "Best of" lists so it's gotten a few spins.

> Saw that 500 Days of Summer. What a let down that was. Atleast it was an excuse to listen to this and that.

> In memory of Mika Miko, one of their zaniest ones that might be inspired by the drunk lass with the munchies in Nick & Norah's infinite playlist.

> Also Girls, Nodzzz and The Drums.

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