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I am not a eurosceptic. I love the idea of the EU. The idealist in me doesn't like its form. An imperfect union. I voted No twice because I'm not willing to accept an awful treaty and my EU being born out of lies and deception. Or being powerless to stop Blair becoming President, the first no less. (Mary would be excellent). However, I follow it intently hoping every day Brussel's legislators will provide us with what our own clowns were too inept or corrupt to give us.

Does "euronationalism" actually exist though? I've always seen nationalism as a seductive drug that provides romantic yet shallow answers and ultimately makes everything worse. 'Tis the ultimate source of irrationality and non-reason. Teenagers usually pick up on it. Idiots never drop it. It thoroughly regresses humanity and is a backward step in evolution/progress.

Lately though, in all my self-righteous efforts to "rise above" domestic nationalism and utter contempt for the Yes side, I have come to think that I absent-mindedly transfered that seemingly inherent and primal urge for romantic nationalism to the next step up. Namely, the wider clan that is Europe. Or maybe it's the desire to construct a more outrospective demos in the global world. I could argue against myself all day.

Does Euronationalism exist? If not, why are we not clambering for some sort of meaningful union with similar advanced liberal democracies like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA etc? And any other country that reaches such a level. Many countries are using the argument(there are many other reasonable ones) that Turkey is not "European" so they're not allowed in. Why is the political system still evolving tribally? NAFTA, ASEAN, EU, MERCOSUR. It's cheaper, easier to fly to New York than it is to say Turkey and we do more trade with North America than we do with the rest of Europe combined iirc. Only difference is they are to our left and Turkey is to our right.

Yet Capital/Capitalists run the world and were the first class to become truly global citizens. Heck they don't see race, religion, nationalisms, cultural divides when they move a factory to China etc.

It might have been practical at the time in the 50s to start a regional bloc, but is it perpetual/kinetic energy and not rationality that keeps it going? UN parliament, global freetrade(for those ready), free travel, global min wage, global rights, global interest rate, currency and corporation tax? Surely energies put into speculation would be forced to work on innovation and actual productivity instead of well, profits from and for gambling. (Oh wait, did I just find my answer??). FDI into Ireland has shown that Capital flow is not toward the best or brightest countries but the cheapest whore.

Really, I'm just trying to provoke debate here. I understand practicality is more than an answer for most of my ponderments. Earth in 2009 is a Global village though. Barriers are 9 times out of 10 a relic and humanity, I believe, can achieve anything... eventually. Unfortunately, it's also prone to being human. None but ourselves can free our mind! END/RANT

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