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Got a swift new toolbar at the bottom of the page there. I'm not sure what extra functionality it provides just yet but I do like collecting garbage on the site. In some completely irrational way of thinking, I see it as eventually adding to the character of the page. The character of the page being such an oversight for so many. And, for wise or for other, I go in for change almost for it's own sake. Like a headless chicken's way of making quick progress and experiencing as much as possible. Voraciously!

Spraaching of technology and other nerdisms, I finally understand "apps".

I got Google Chrome -again almost for the sake of change. It was with a heavy heart that I left Firefox and one day I will return. It has that socialistic ethos that I swoon for. But if Chrome stays so far ahead of the game I can't be sure of when that return will be.

To put it in context I see it as web3.0. Or maybe it just completes what web2.0 set out to do. It's all semantics anyway! But it was designed specificially to have the look and feel of a windows explorer window with what I initially saw as some vague aim to make the web more of an OS. Very futurist sounding. A marketing ploy perhaps. On the technical side I find that it crashes far less than Firefox used to, and even if a site makes it freeze, only that one tab does and not the whole browser.

Then on Tuesday I spotted an option to "create application shortcut". It basically creates a desktop icon that goes straight to that website and has no address bar so it feels like you are manouevering around a program. My desktop is now full of radio links, google doc links and Youtube is like my media player. Deezer feels like Spotify! Useful since the gravy train ended. I guess "links" is the wrong word to use and so maybe that's why they're called "apps". Sense at last! Either the word "program" should become obsolete or they should have just called them programs because by giving it a different name it doesn't normalise the new approach in our minds. I read that "apps" will be bigger than the internet. That is poor journalism. Nothing can be bigger than the internet, especially apps as it IS the internet! Or rather a method of accessing the it.

All in all it's all part of my ongoing strategy to put everything on the interweb cloud so I can be a "rootless tree". I can't say I'm comfortable with every solution seeming to be coming from Google. Even right now the browser I'm using is Google, as is this blog. Maybe Google will become a generic term for the internet? First step is making it into the dictionary right? If Karl Marx had a 21st century manifesto, have times changed sufficiently that he would advise to nationalise the commanding heights of the internet as well? Nationalise Google? lol . (Briefly, in good news; webs independence was assured this week I think I read. Link?)

(Also interesting, and deserving of it's own post some day soon; an internet journalism manifesto?)

Passively, I'm helping to contribute to a new-ish monolithic corporation that will surely be the mandateless mega power-wielding dinosaur of tomorrow. Where are all the independent solutions? Or have Google just shrewdly hoovered them up and repackaged them as their own? I'd like to call myself a pioneer(though that would be untrue), but it really is just for practicality's sake with the impending death of my laptop and the irrational desire to replace it with an iPhone or Android phone... which I can in no way afford. Yet.


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