The guy who made that has some serious talent. Have a goo at his other videos. The stuff he makes as a piss-take is actually lightyears better than the cringe-inducing c/rap that usually comes from these shores(see Nialler9). Much like a more acerbic Flight of the Conchords now that I think of it.

It's one thing to stand on a stage, acoustic in hand, and strum along to a repetitive pedestrian arrangement of G, D and A, turning it into something mildly humourous. It's the easy-laugh route. Nothing wrong with that, it can be made to work, it's just not on the level!

It really is another to really put all of yourself out there to be judged and produce synth-laden, musically aware, creative masterpieces with genius lyrics and a hilarious video which probably involves you directing and acting. Ye can't really just shrug it off as an-off-the-cuff improv. It lives or dies on your ability and efforts, as Tom O C found out. As Julian Casablancas finds out in this appalling interview, maybe it would be better to have joined Travis and be an inoffensive non-entity than bother having ambition and vision. It doesn't win you friends, it's a highrisk game and people like dryadssaddle above should be actively encouraged to showcase their talents and not fear the Tim Jonze's of this world who will discredit you based on your suitablility to be interesting article fodder.

On the subject, I heard Eoghan Kidney won best video for his FLApes video last night. I'm going to assume it's the Tie Me Up With Jackets clip. Well deserved. A genuinely unique and revolutionary landmark in Irish video production.

Kate "Katefaced-Killah" Conaty you are a lurk.

Les Animaux Sauvages



Allez Les Verts!

IT would seem that this second Youtuesday actually falls on a Saturday. 3 weeks late. Odd that. Who are we to argue with druids and their predicitions? We must consult the magic Hang drums...

> Brushed up the Myspace so it's quite presentable now. Add me if you're passing by.

> The biggest revelation after hang drums is probably that I have discovered the awesomeness of mashups.

> They're just really, really, really good.

> And then there's the deceptive ones that draw you in. For 40 seconds this is the greatest song ever.

> Putting Lil John up against a rock song really makes him sound like Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Even still, it doesn't ravage what is one of my favourite songs ever. What I Like About... Crunk!

> How ironic that The Hives are a generic mashup-band as well as a generic band... in general. Throw in the obligatory Beastie Boys sample and you got a mash. Rage versus Blondie works out alright on that same bland level.

> Then there are those you are ashamed to like but can't help it for their sheer innovation. This is just put together really well. As is this unlikely match.

> None compare to this though. Play this through a good set of speakers. When you peel back that pop music, Alyssa Milano is one durrty bitch.

> Hip-hop has a credible future - with Freddie Gibbs.

> New Fang sounds pretty damn fucking good. Looking foward to the album, which is streaming online now in advance of the release. I haven't listened to it yet but I'm afraid it could be the point where Josh Homme reaches oversaturation with too little variation. He has been rocking the same desert-rock since Kyuss, after all. Or, it could be the point where he ascends to the rock'n'roll pantheon of the gods.

> Robber Dub from the Mikey Dread.

> Irish lads Alphamono continue to show Irish music kicks arse. As do C!ties who kicked up a fuss with their performance at HWCH last month.

> Watched Adventureland. Was pretty average. They angle it as a faux-indie-movie like Nick'n'Nora, Juno by simply adding a hipster(terrible phrase) soundtrack. The music plays zero part in the film. It's simply a trap, hoping a 'cool' factor will make up for it's many shortcomings. There is no reason for it to be placed in the 80s either other than the fetish around the decade! A decent excuse to listen to The Replacements though.

> Have an interview with John Vanderslice that's due to be published soon-ish. He sing good. Also served a timely reminder to work on my respective Magnetic Fields/St. Vincent collections with this wan.

> I have heard the phrase "thin wild mercury sound" a thousand times and never understood the reference. When Nodzzz mentioned it in the interview I said fuck it and just looked it up. To my eternal Bob-worshiping-shame, it's a Dylan reference to the type of sound he always strived for, and apparently achieved on just one set of demos. I had to get them.

> No Age's new one's more polished ambient shoegaze than abrasive garage no wave punk. Can't beat the classics that make them what they are.

> de la Soul remain unshiftable from iTunes. And rightly so.

> Karen O & The Kids do the soundtrack for Spike Jonze's new monster-muppet-ish kids flick Where The Wild Things Are.

> tUnE-yArDs supported Dirty Projectors here recently. Easy to hear why, right?

> Unsuspectingly clicked on a twitter link and found this. It straddles the line between funny and just plain... wrong.

> Aesop Rock features again. How he never made a bigger name for himself/any name for himself over here is beyond me. Might as well throw the other white rapper in here. Interesting and potentialsome project. I don't know much more about him but I'm gonna dig it up.

> Busy being old and self-parodying for money, it's easy to forget that Alice Cooper once used to rock it oldskool. Or so the historians would have us believe.

> Speaking of rockin' it; A Grave with No Name. Here's why. And Dublin-bound Kurt Vile(actual name). And forget not The Bitters. Lo-fi's all the rage in some circles in America at the minute. Some of the stuff propogated in some of those circles is mostly worthy. Sometimes.

> In honour of the amazing gig last night; Heathers, Le Galaxie and Super Extra Bonus Party. Unfortunately missed Bats and Band on an Island, but they were, by all accounts, rockin' too. Really gave ye the impression that had any of these been native to a bigger city they'd be huge.


Not in My Naaame!

Jim Carroll's beyond excellent On The Record blog has given Shane "B.S." Fitzgerald's article airtime. Yeah, after reading that you might cop what B.S. stands for. (It's bullshit).

And with that, I couldn't stop myself giving my raging off-the-cuff two-cents (i.e. rant) in the comments section; see number 45. I have a right to be bitter, he's sullying my name! That's my job!

I genuinely fear they're grooming him to have some sort of role in the IT (-which I have really grown to like), over the coming years. Which kinda means I'll have to alter my name or get a brand new one. This isn't the first run in and I would expect it won't be the last. Well, truth be told the first run-in was actually when he took my seat at an exam. I was pretty screwed for that one so I figured it was win-win.

Onwards and upwards I say so I am now taking suggestions for a new name. The first of which being Shane X. Fitzgerald.

You could say it makes me look like an intellectual, an X-Man or my that my middle name is Xavier. Or my middle name could simply be pronounced; "ten"? It could be construed that I'm a head of the Black Panthers. Each as likely as the last, of course...

I already have a few aliases* that aren't really conventional, and I think I might prefer that sense of "alternative". Ye know, death to the old-world, bring on year zero and an end to the code of manners! FREAK OUT SUM SQUAREZZ!!1

"*See: rdlp715, Shay Guevara, RUN-DLP, Shnae Bojangles, A Pirate of Celbridge, The Bojangled One ad infinitum."

We'll wait and see by what way of progress in names Nialler9 can force on the mainstream media. God speed Mr. Byrne. I can't spot it just now, but I'm certain that his Day and Night section in the Indo is under his Nialler9 moniker.

However, it is not a good sign that, just today, his fellow new-media pioneer Unarocks finally consigned that alter-ego and portion of her life to the past when she switched her twitter moniker to her birth-given Una Mullally.

Anywho, y'all have until the 19th of the month to pick a good 'un and I'll use it in the next publication and bundle all my aliases over to that.

It's time to consolidate and mark my territory. Talking bullshit like this obviously won't be enough to distinguish me from namesakes.