The guy who made that has some serious talent. Have a goo at his other videos. The stuff he makes as a piss-take is actually lightyears better than the cringe-inducing c/rap that usually comes from these shores(see Nialler9). Much like a more acerbic Flight of the Conchords now that I think of it.

It's one thing to stand on a stage, acoustic in hand, and strum along to a repetitive pedestrian arrangement of G, D and A, turning it into something mildly humourous. It's the easy-laugh route. Nothing wrong with that, it can be made to work, it's just not on the level!

It really is another to really put all of yourself out there to be judged and produce synth-laden, musically aware, creative masterpieces with genius lyrics and a hilarious video which probably involves you directing and acting. Ye can't really just shrug it off as an-off-the-cuff improv. It lives or dies on your ability and efforts, as Tom O C found out. As Julian Casablancas finds out in this appalling interview, maybe it would be better to have joined Travis and be an inoffensive non-entity than bother having ambition and vision. It doesn't win you friends, it's a highrisk game and people like dryadssaddle above should be actively encouraged to showcase their talents and not fear the Tim Jonze's of this world who will discredit you based on your suitablility to be interesting article fodder.

On the subject, I heard Eoghan Kidney won best video for his FLApes video last night. I'm going to assume it's the Tie Me Up With Jackets clip. Well deserved. A genuinely unique and revolutionary landmark in Irish video production.

Kate "Katefaced-Killah" Conaty you are a lurk.

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