Not in My Naaame!

Jim Carroll's beyond excellent On The Record blog has given Shane "B.S." Fitzgerald's article airtime. Yeah, after reading that you might cop what B.S. stands for. (It's bullshit).

And with that, I couldn't stop myself giving my raging off-the-cuff two-cents (i.e. rant) in the comments section; see number 45. I have a right to be bitter, he's sullying my name! That's my job!

I genuinely fear they're grooming him to have some sort of role in the IT (-which I have really grown to like), over the coming years. Which kinda means I'll have to alter my name or get a brand new one. This isn't the first run in and I would expect it won't be the last. Well, truth be told the first run-in was actually when he took my seat at an exam. I was pretty screwed for that one so I figured it was win-win.

Onwards and upwards I say so I am now taking suggestions for a new name. The first of which being Shane X. Fitzgerald.

You could say it makes me look like an intellectual, an X-Man or my that my middle name is Xavier. Or my middle name could simply be pronounced; "ten"? It could be construed that I'm a head of the Black Panthers. Each as likely as the last, of course...

I already have a few aliases* that aren't really conventional, and I think I might prefer that sense of "alternative". Ye know, death to the old-world, bring on year zero and an end to the code of manners! FREAK OUT SUM SQUAREZZ!!1

"*See: rdlp715, Shay Guevara, RUN-DLP, Shnae Bojangles, A Pirate of Celbridge, The Bojangled One ad infinitum."

We'll wait and see by what way of progress in names Nialler9 can force on the mainstream media. God speed Mr. Byrne. I can't spot it just now, but I'm certain that his Day and Night section in the Indo is under his Nialler9 moniker.

However, it is not a good sign that, just today, his fellow new-media pioneer Unarocks finally consigned that alter-ego and portion of her life to the past when she switched her twitter moniker to her birth-given Una Mullally.

Anywho, y'all have until the 19th of the month to pick a good 'un and I'll use it in the next publication and bundle all my aliases over to that.

It's time to consolidate and mark my territory. Talking bullshit like this obviously won't be enough to distinguish me from namesakes.

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