Let me try just get my head around this. Hitting Sziget in Budapest too, mind you.

No disrespect to the indiginous indie bands(Cheap Freaks this Thursday), this is more to see the expensiver nights out. In fact, I'm gona make a seperate list for them after.

In the next few months, off the top of my head, the following are playing Dublin:

Hope Sandoval
Grizzly Bear
Eagles of Death Metal
Peter Doherty
Dirty Projectors
Passion Pit
The Cribs(new Johnny Marr edition)
Joan as Policewoman
Depeche Mode
Electric Picnic (and all that entails)
Hard Working Class Heroes
Sonic Youth
Times New Viking
Mumford and Sons
Yo La Tengo
The Pixies
Jamie T
(Will put proper dates, order on this soon)

Further afield; YYYs in Belfast Aug 26

and of course; Republic of Luas. A Republic of Loos Tribue Band.

He Don't Need Nobody Else

Good man Nicolas.
Had this song playing at the same time I stumbled across this pic. It just works. Gives it a kind of 80s montage of someone who has just left or died qualia. Died of Sarko-Aids. From a horse.

On closer inspection, I can see an apartheid subtext here.


And Now Some More Scenes from 19th Century London


A fascinating read. The article evokes a lot of life for someone who's no longer actually with us. The man was a living time-machine! He has lived in THREE CENTURIES!

Imagine having only ever kissed ONE women, which first occured(terrible choice of word) in 1915! Imagine your first kiss was tomorrow and not kissing anyone else for 94 years. Then dying. And this woman had been dead 39 years before your own death.



The bit about 25 seconds in where it shows Dan Quayle's rejected face and limp comeback is one of those excellent moments where one can indulge in a politicians public humiliation.


The Glee Club

It's probably wrong to abuse old people like this. Infact, it definitely is. But it's sure as fuck funny.

Crazy Ann woman in the middle with the brain slug getting all hot and bothered. Old man in cap on the left flustered at the attention. Then the legendary Joe, the bald fellow, always has the right thing to say.

Shmart Talk... From a Dumb Man

Blogger has been acting up on Firefox all day and it takes me until 3am to realise I can try it on IE!

Anyway, this morning I bring you Hardy Bucks. It's probably apt that I'm watching Trailer Park Boys on Comedy Central as I post this. Really and truly it has taken that format and adapted it to Castletown, County Mayo. It's even loaded with Irish-style Rickyisms. Big shtyle.

I think they entered a competition on RTE to get their show on the telly months back, that it seems wasn't succesful. Eyebrowy, Langerland kind of background/approach. I'm not sure if they're still making it, but they are obviously a naturally funny bunch. The Viper the funniest, original, indiginous, Irish character since... D'Unbelievables or Fr Ted before that? (Correct me if I'm forgetting someone).

It's fucking hilarious.